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Happy Halloween!

Steve with our pumpkins

A couple weeks ago Steve and I went and picked up a fine looking bunch of pumpkins and some mums out in the country. I’m pretty sure we flew over the field where these pumpkins grew up!

Pumpkin patch

I had good intentions of carving out the big pumpkins to fit the mums inside, like in this picture:

Pumpkin planter

But that never happened.  Oh well, the pumpkins and the mums still look great together on our steps!  I don’t have a picture of this so you’ll just have to take my word for it.  They are super cute.

On Saturday we had an impromptu Halloween party.  We realized that we didn’t have any plans this Halloween (*gasp*!) but we wanted to dress up and have fun.  Usually we go to Rockr and Junkii’s annual Wig Party, but they decided not to host one this year.  It was fun trying to think up fun decorations.  Since it was kind of last minute I just threw together a few fun ideas I found on Pinterest.  Like these adorable mummy mason jar tea lights:

Mummy tea lightstutorial here

They’re real easy.  All you need is gauze, googly eyes, mason jars, and glue!

Martha Stewart of course had some great ideas.  I made her shrunken heads punch:

Shrunken heads punchtutorial here

…and Butternut squash jack o’ lanterns:

Butternut squash jack o' lanternstutorial here

I’m putting these and the mummy tea lights out on our steps tonight with the pumpkins.  We’re thinking we’re going to get a lot of kids trick or treating in our neighbourhood.  I can’t wait!  We dressed up for our party as Jack Skellington and Sally  from the Nightmare Before Christmas, but I think I’ll be something more kid-friendly for handing out candy.

Steve and I as Nightmare Before Christmas characters

My friend Jenny did an awesome job on our makeup!

What were you for Halloween this year?


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Actually I don’t even know if a clam bake is an old fashioned thing.  Our new neighbourhood has been doing one annually for 33 years.  I love that!  Someone in the neighbourhood organizes it and everyone pitches in with setting up, firewood and other supplies, food, and clean-up.  This year’s clam bake was on Saturday and what a perfect opportunity for us to meet our neighbours.  There’s a real community feel to the neighbourhood and you can tell everyone loves living here.


Clam Bake 2011Photo credit:  Tom Alfoldi

They no longer actually bake the clams, I heard because the person who knew the method (something about baking underground for hours?) doesn’t live in the neighbourhood any longer.  But they did have raw clams there to keep the tradition alive.  I tried one, but having never tasted a clam before I put lots of seafood sauce on it in case I wouldn’t like it…so it tasted like seafood sauce.  Next year I”ll be more adventurous 🙂

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Win A Baby

Steve and I were in a fit of giggles when we heard that phrase, said in a deep throaty radio announcer voice, last night on the radio.  We thought “This can’t be for real.  They can’t give away a baby on the radio!”

It’s for real.

Win me!

But it’s not what you think.  They’re giving away money to couples with fertility problems to go towards their fertility treatments.

We’re seriously considering applying.

Contest details are on the Hot 89.9 website, just in case you too want to win a baby on the radio 😉


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Snowshoeing adventure

Last weekend Steve and I went for a visit to my grandparents’ cottage.  We hadn’t been up since before the holidays so the visit was overdue.  We partook in the usual activities:  stuffing our faces with my grandmother’s delicious cooking, playing boardgames, reading snuggled up by the fire, cuddling with one of the many kitties running around.  We also ended up going snowshoeing with our brand new pairs of snowshoes.  How very Canadian of us right?  Except they aren’t the snowshoes of my youth, made out of wood and rawhide, but are constructed with metal, plastic and velcro.  And despite the fact that they’re easier to walk with than the big traditional ones, I fell flat on my butt right out of the starting gate.

Snowshoe Fail

We had a lot of fun and were welcomed back to the cottage with a steaming mug of my grandmother’s special hot chocolate (ie. it had alcohol in it…tasty tasty alcohol).

snowshoe collage

Next we’ll have to try out our snowshoes in the nearby Gatineau hills!

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Amelia is hibernating

On Friday, rainy, grey, cold Friday, we put Amelia in my aunt’s barn for the Winter.  She has a huge red barn behind her new house with lots of room for storage.  So she offered for us to put Amelia in there, safe and warm, for the Winter.

Amelia in the barn

Photo taken with my iPhone

While Steve set about Winterizing her – filling up the tires, changing the oil, and other preparations – I stayed cozy and warm inside helping my aunt with some last unpacking.  We brought Hobbes along because he gets lonely by himself and because we want him to feel comfortable going on car rides and staying at my aunt’s place when we go on trips.  Read the Stuff My Cat Does Monday this week to learn about his not so guestly behaviour.  No, guestly is not a word.

Steve earned a delicious steaming mug of hot chocolate when he came in several hours later and in the evening we had a yummy home-cooked meal and sat down to watch some Glee with my aunt.

We still need to go back and mouse-proof Amelia because we don’t want to find any nests in her vents in the Spring like we did when we first bought her.  But for now, she’s tucked in for the Winter.  Which is good, since it’s already snowed a couple times in Ottawa.

I hate Winter.  But I love a snowy Christmas.  In my perfect world it would be hot up until just before Christmas, when there would be a big dump of snow for the 24th and 25th, and then it would all disappear by my birthday (January 4th) and it would be hot again.

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