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New blog

I’ve tossed around this blog idea for a long time, but my heart couldn’t commit to it.

But now I’m ready.



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It’s been an atrociously long time since I last blogged.  I’m not going to even look at the date!  I don’t have any good reasons for this.  But here are a few potentials:

1.  We went on a trip.

2.  I was kidnapped by faeries and made their queen, only to realize that they were going to sacrifice me at the end of the year and was able to make a narrow escape using a pair of tweezers and some gum.

3.  I have a secret that I’m dying to share and I knew if I came here I’d blurt it out too early.

4.  I broke my arm and typing was a huge pain.


Two of these things are true!


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Maybe that’s too much of a build up but it totally blew my mind.

You know CAPTCHAs?  Those short words that you have to enter to show a site that you’re a human and not an evil spam bot there for some nefarious purpose?  Well there’s more going on there.

Each time you enter in a CAPTCHA, you’re helping to digitize a book!


(that’s the sound of your minds being blown, in case you didn’t know)

I just think that’s the coolest thing.

Google can tell you all about it here should you wish to know more.

~ * ~


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The Sunflowers

Wilted sunflower

The Sunflowers

by Mary Oliver

Come with me
into the field of sunflowers.
Their faces are burnished disks,
their dry spines

creak like ship masts,
their green leaves,
so heavy and many,
fill all day with the sticky

sugars of the sun.
Come with me
to visit the sunflowers,
they are shy

but want to be friends;
they have wonderful stories
of when they were young —
the important weather,

the wandering crows.
Don’t be afraid
to ask them questions!
Their bright faces,

which follow the sun,
will listen, and all
those rows of seeds —
each one a new life! —

hope for a deeper acquaintance;
each of them, though it stands
in a crowd of many,
like a separate universe,

is lonely, the long work
of turning their lives
into a celebration
is not easy. Come

and let us talk with those modest faces,
the simple garments of leaves,
the coarse roots in the earth
so uprightly burning.

~ * ~


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Dear Blog

I miss you.  I miss the clackity clack as my thoughts flowed onto the screen and I got to savour my experiences.  I guess that’s what I miss most.  My life is zooming by and I can hardly recall what I’ve done the past month.

Just wanted to say “hi.”  I will make more time for you.


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Excuses, excuses

I know you’re not supposed to blog about why you haven’t been blogging but I feel the need to explain!  I have two very good reasons:

1.  We’re getting our house ready to sell.

2.  My computer’s video card kicked the bucket and I was without my computer for a week.

I’m quite happy about the first reason, although you wouldn’t have guessed it if you’d talked to me this past weekend – Steve hurt his back and was laid-up all weekend but we still needed to clear 80% of the space in our house for the painters coming in on Monday.  There’s only so much a tiny woman can do.  So I brought in the big guns – my bro.  Steve finally succumbed yesterday and is now medicated for his back – doctor’s orders! – with Robaxacet and Advil.  We waited 2hrs at a walk-in clinic for that astute advice.

Once Steve’s back is up to it, we plan on going to check out some houses up for sale.  That’s the more exciting part of the process and we use it as a reward for all our hard work in our present house.  Forever home, here we come! 🙂

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How to steal like an artist

Need a little inspiration?

A little kick in the butt to get you into that creative frame of mind?

Read this article by writer Austin Kleon

I especially liked the nugget:


“Don’t wait until you know who you are to make things”



xo K



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