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We welcomed our baby boy, Wesley, into the world on July 6th at 11:17pm! We are all doing great.  I am looking forward to getting back into blogging, so expect to see more posts featuring this little cutie soon!


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The Secret


I’m pregnant!


Almost two years of trying later, thousands of dollars, and many nights of Steve stabbing himself (for reals – my man is hardcore), we did it!  And, unless you count Steve’s injections, we were able to conceive naturally!  It truly feels like our little one was a miracle in the making, a beating of the odds, the underdogs getting the win!

Wait!  Guys!  This means, in the end, WE DID WIN A BABY!

(this will make no sense to you unless you read this post).


We're expecting a velociraptor


I sure hope it’s a baby. I had a mild freakout when I realized the baby was coming out with nails – I don’t want to imagine a velociraptor!


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