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10 random things I love about Steve

  1. His ambition.  He is always striving to better himself and learn new things.
  2. The way he looks in jeans and a button up shirt.
  3. He’s a good listener.  When someone is talking to him, he always gives them his full attention.
  4. I don’t think you’ll ever hear someone say a bad word about him.
  5. His love of silliness.
  6. When he’s wrong, he’s not afraid to admit it.
  7. That he gets super chatty when he’s had a drink or two.
  8. How he explains things.  He can make even the most abstruse topic understandable.
  9. That he’s now a cat person.  He wouldn’t have guessed that before meeting me 🙂
  10. What an amazing father he is already.  My heart fills up with love watching him with Wesley.

Week one - nap with daddy.

Week two - daddy kisses.


Steve, I love you oodles and bunches!


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Another decade

Birthday Breakfast in Bed (yay for alliteration!)

Last Wednesday I turned 30 and I was spoiled rotten. Steve woke me up with breakfast in bed – pancakes, fresh fruit, maple syrup, and daisies.  Oh and a Kimba.  He was very interested in this whole eating in bed thing.


And the fresh flowers thing…

Kimbas stop to smell the flowers

Actually what woke me up was the sound of my cell phone vibrating on my bedside table.  I awoke to a message from a mysterious number, a message from my 30th birthday faery.  The rest of the day I received emails from this faery, some with clues to find my birthday present, and some to give me hints about what surprises were in store for the evening.  Also, throughout the day I received text messages from friends and family wishing me happy birthday.  Steve had suggested people text me because I would be checking my phone often (due to the faery) and because a lot of my close friends are not in Ottawa.  It was a thoughtful touch because it really did make me feel loved all day long ❤

I had no idea what we were doing in the evening, just that I needed to wear comfortable shoes and that I should dress up.  Comfortable shoes and dressing up don’t always go together but luckily I have a pair of heels that I love and are quite comfy to boot!

Our surprise evening consisted of appetizers at Must Kitchen, a restaurant neither of us had ever been to before, then a drop-in salsa dancing class at Caliente, and then dinner at Vittoria Trattoria, all in the market.  So much fun!  Neither of us had ever tried salsa dancing before so we just learned the basic moves, but it was fun grooving out to the sexy tunes 🙂  It’s definitely something I’d like to try again.

I thought it was going to be hard to say goodbye to my twenties, but 30 isn’t looking bad so far.  With a new year beginning, a new decade before me, and a new life inside of me, I’m definitely feeling very introspective lately.  I joined Mondo Beyondo again to embrace this mindset and see what intentions I want to set for myself this year and in life in general.  Last time I did that we ended up in a VW love bus traipsing across North America!  And I started this blog.  I can only imagine more wild and wonderful things are to come.  So I’m really looking forward to my 30th year 🙂


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Birthday (Wonder) Boy

Birthday Boy

Tuesday was Steve’s birthday (September 7th, for those keeping track).  We were driving home from the cottage that day and went out for a delicious sushi dinner with friends upon our return.  Because Steve is hard to buy things for – if he wants something, he’ll just go out and buy it! – and because I wanted to spoil him rotten like he spoils me every day of the week, I planned a special day for him in lieu of a big gift.

I told him to clear his schedule for Thursday and kept the whole day a secret.  He was just to follow along and enjoy things as they unfolded.  He later told me that this was actually surprisingly liberating because usually when we have plans he’ll worry/stress about things going smoothly, and that not knowing at all what was going on, he could just relax and enjoy the ride.  I’d love to say I had anticipated this, but actually that was a bonus 🙂  It made me realize that I should do this more often and that when it’s my turn to plan a date night, I should make it a surprise.

First, I insisted that we sleep in.  When we finally crawled out of bed, I made us a pancake breakfast (Steve loves pancakes), and yes, the pancakes had designs on them.  Except the batter wasn’t quite right because I didn’t have quite enough baking powder and it threw everything off and so hearts looked like giant globular monsters and one of them was so crazy and ‘out there’ that I said it was “the internet” and hoped Steve wouldn’t notice that actually it was just a bunch of specks and random lines.  Steve smiled and promptly ate as many as he could fit in his belly.  He’s really not that hard to please when it comes to pancakes.

Then we leisurely got ready, while assessing whether or not Steve’s toe was up for any walking that day.  What I had planned involved walking and if Steve’s toe wasn’t up for it, I was kind of at a loss for what we would do.  Also, it was rainy and cold outside.  I had originally planned a picnic but realized the night before that the weather would be crummy, and so I came up with the back-up plan of late morning pancake brunch to tide us over until dinner.

But I hadn’t anticipated Steve stubbing his toe.

His toe is all gross right now.  It’s purple and puffed up and nasty.  Oh, and painful.

When you have a blog it’s tempting to put pictures in to illustrate everything in your life.  I’ll spare you any pictures of Steve’s toe.  Mostly because I just don’t want to look at it long enough to get a picture (I love you Steve!).

So Steve stubbed his toe when he was rushing to the rescue of a lady in distress.  Our neighbour’s neice showed up on our doorstep having jammed her key in our neighbour’s doorknob.  Knowing Steve would have some handy-dandy tool for the job, I went up to his office to get him.  Well he flew out of his office so fast that he ran his toe right into the door as he swung it open – ouch!

The good news is that he got the key out.  Actually it just needed to be turned and then pulled out so no tools were needed and no keys or doorknobs were harmed in the process.  But Steve’s poor second-last toe was the collateral damage of the whole event.

Anyways.  Steve decided he could tough it out and that if we were able to walk slowly, he assured me he would be fine.  So off we went to the Museum of Science and Technology!

It’s a running joke that I hate museums.  FYI:  I don’t hate them.  Really I don’t.  But I can usually only do a museum in small doses and really I’d rather enjoy things in their natural context, rather than locked up in glass cases.  But I understand the educational value and all that – blah blah blah.  So Steve has taken to saying that I just outright hate museums.  So you see, it’s quite fitting that I took him to a museum.  And of all museums, the Science and Technology museum!  Also, we’d never been to one together, so it was an exciting new frontier for us.

The Science and Tech museum is filled with cool stuff.  They have a new section that I hadn’t seen before for Canada’s innovations.  Steve was impressed by this propeller thing – a Canadian guy came up with a propeller that can switch the angles of its blades in-flight.  Here he is testing out the demo:

Steve and the propeller thing

I was impressed with the trains.  They were huge!

Why, what a very large train!(sorry, the photos were taken with my iphone in low-light conditions – far from ideal)

And we both got a kick out of the Crazy Kitchen.  Everyone gets a kick out of the Crazy Kitchen.  It’s an optical illusion that tricks your body and makes you get all dizzy.  Your eyes tell you the room is normal, but your ears tell you you’re on an angle and the conflicting signals make you get all woozy.  We felt weird for a good 10 minutes after exiting the exhibit.  You can imagine how much fun this is for kids (remember when you were little and you would spin around and around until you could throw up just because it felt funny?  No?  Huh.).

The Crazy Kitchen

We explored the museum for a good two hours and then headed off for the next part of the surprise.  I booked us a room at the hotel where we spent our wedding night, possibly even the exact same suite (neither of us could remember which floor, but it was the exact layout).  The hotel is really funky and classy.  One of the little details I like is the nature theme it has going on.  In front of every room, where they have the suite number posted, they have a little picture of something from nature.  On our wedding night guess what it was?  No guess!  Ok, fine.

It was a dragonfly 🙂

I guess they change them up because they were different images this time.

I told Steve that morning to choose a fancy outfit for later in the evening, so we freshened up and changed into our fancy clothes.

All dolled-up

And then we headed off to DiVino, a wine studio/restaurant with amazing food and wine.  It has a unique layout including a marble counter-top island surrounding the kitchen where guests can sit and watch their food being prepared by the talented chefs.  Their resident sommelier paired a different wine with each course of our meal.  He suggested we share each course, so that we didn’t feel over-stuffed, and each course was well spaced out so that by the end, we were pleasantly full and not bursting at the seams.  We did have separate main courses so that I could enjoy a meat dish while Steve stuck to his vegetables 😉  It was an awesome experience.  My mouth is watering now just remembering.

So, Wonder Boy got spoiled all day, and well, let’s face it, I didn’t do too badly myself 😉  I may just have to make this a yearly tradition!

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