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Steve cutting the tree

One thing Steve and I really want to focus on when we have kids is the traditions of Christmas.  Inevitably the little kiddos are probably going to be pumped about all the loot they’re going to get from Santa and doting family – who doesn’t love presents?!  – but we’ll balance it out with traditions and a focus on hand-making gifts.  One of my favourite traditions is cutting down a Christmas tree.  This year, as with everything else, we left the tree kinda last minute.  As you can see in the above photo, there hasn’t been much snow this year and it’s been so mild that it just really didn’t feel like Christmas was coming so fast.  So we trekked out last weekend to cut down our tree.

Tree on our roof!

I don’t know if you can tell from the photos, but that is one big tree!  When we brought it to get shaken  — SIDENOTE:  I LOVE this part!  They put the tree trunk in a base that shakes it to get all the dead needles to fall out and it looks like the tree is being tickled and is laughing hysterically.  I laugh hysterically in response.  I can’t help it.  — the guy chuckled at how big it was and said it was going to be a challenge to wrap up.  It was!

Trekking through the cold to find the perfect tree for an hour, hauling that tree back through the fields, struggling to get it tied on the car (did I mention it was freezing?!), it was all worth it and I loved every second!  Afterwards you warm up by the big bonfire with some free hot chocolate and if you’re lucky, Santa comes by for a chat and a chortle – ho ho ho.

Do you have any favourite holiday traditions?



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