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The main concept of Mondo Beyondo is opening yourself up to the possibility of your biggest, wildest dreams.  Because he’s such a sweet guy and he’s always encouraging me to dream big, Steve sent me a website the other day with 50 impossible quotes, to encourage me in my dreaming.  Check it out if you need a little fire under your butt to get kick-started on your own dreaming.    My two favourite quotes on the page were not actually part of the official 50 but were found in the reader comments:

"The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."

And only you can stop you!

"Nothing is impossible; the word itself says 'I'm possible'!"


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Another decade

Birthday Breakfast in Bed (yay for alliteration!)

Last Wednesday I turned 30 and I was spoiled rotten. Steve woke me up with breakfast in bed – pancakes, fresh fruit, maple syrup, and daisies.  Oh and a Kimba.  He was very interested in this whole eating in bed thing.


And the fresh flowers thing…

Kimbas stop to smell the flowers

Actually what woke me up was the sound of my cell phone vibrating on my bedside table.  I awoke to a message from a mysterious number, a message from my 30th birthday faery.  The rest of the day I received emails from this faery, some with clues to find my birthday present, and some to give me hints about what surprises were in store for the evening.  Also, throughout the day I received text messages from friends and family wishing me happy birthday.  Steve had suggested people text me because I would be checking my phone often (due to the faery) and because a lot of my close friends are not in Ottawa.  It was a thoughtful touch because it really did make me feel loved all day long ❤

I had no idea what we were doing in the evening, just that I needed to wear comfortable shoes and that I should dress up.  Comfortable shoes and dressing up don’t always go together but luckily I have a pair of heels that I love and are quite comfy to boot!

Our surprise evening consisted of appetizers at Must Kitchen, a restaurant neither of us had ever been to before, then a drop-in salsa dancing class at Caliente, and then dinner at Vittoria Trattoria, all in the market.  So much fun!  Neither of us had ever tried salsa dancing before so we just learned the basic moves, but it was fun grooving out to the sexy tunes 🙂  It’s definitely something I’d like to try again.

I thought it was going to be hard to say goodbye to my twenties, but 30 isn’t looking bad so far.  With a new year beginning, a new decade before me, and a new life inside of me, I’m definitely feeling very introspective lately.  I joined Mondo Beyondo again to embrace this mindset and see what intentions I want to set for myself this year and in life in general.  Last time I did that we ended up in a VW love bus traipsing across North America!  And I started this blog.  I can only imagine more wild and wonderful things are to come.  So I’m really looking forward to my 30th year 🙂


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