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On the Way

I wish they’d had this when we were on our road trip across North America!

On the Way app

This website allows you to do a google-type search from one destination to another, but the awesome part is that it finds attractions along the way for you to stop at.  So cool!


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The Trip

Ok so we did go on a trip. We were in the land of saguaro cacti!

Steve and saguaro cacti

Remember my friend Mary who we visited in Phoenix on our road trip?  Well she got married!  So we made the trip to Phoenix again, this time by plane.  We went down a week early so that we could visit with the happy couple before they started to get busy with wedding stuff.  Then we rented a car and did a mini road trip.  We had two specific spots we wanted to see – Zion National Park (yup! we loved it so much the first time we had to go back!) and Antelope Canyon.  Photos to come as I process them!


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Free Printable Cd Cover

While creating a digital art piece to hang in our new house, I decided to use some of the elements to create a free printable cd cover for you guys!  Last week I created a cd cover for the wedding photos dvd I gave to my aunt from her wedding last month and I just got the cd cover bug.  Lately I’ve been listening to Pandora (shh!  I pretend I live in New York 😉  ) and trying to find new music.  In the past month Steve and I have driven the 5 hour drive to Toronto twice and I was craving some good road trip tunes.

VW Cd Cover

Click, print, cut out and glue!

Can you tell I’ve been feeling nostalgia for Amelia and the long drives we took with her last summer?

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