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I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that Steve’s a little geeky (in particular here and here), but I haven’t fully expressed my own nerdy side.  I like a lot of comic books and pretty much anything sci-fi.  I’m a huge fan of Joss Whedon and lately Steve and I have been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (re-watching for me, first time for him).  But it’s Joss Whedon’s other amazing tv series that I’m going to nerd-out on in this post.  I love Firefly.  Ok, I might even be slightly obsessed.  I was pretty upset when the show was cancelled.  And then I was elated when they made the movie and there was a chance that the sales from that would help get the show back on the air.  And then I was depressed again when it didn’t.  Now I just console myself by re-watching the series every year, including the movie, and then finishing off by reading the comics that were created after.

Last May, Ottawa hosted its first ever Comic Con and of course Steve and I had to go, especially after we discovered that one of the guests was going to be Adam Baldwin (Firefly’s Jayne Cobb)!  In the show, his character Jayne receives a hand-knit hat from his mom and being a rough and tough red-neck-type man, it’s a hilarious hat on him:

Jayne in his hat

I decided I wanted to make a Jayne hat and get Adam Baldwin to sign it.  We didn’t know that they charge a ridiculous amount of money for a signature, but I guess that’s what motivates the actors to go to these things.  I was going to get a picture with him but since that cost more money, here’s a photo instead of a very pregnant me in my hat with Steve at Comic Con in May:

Me sporting the Jayne hat with Steve at Comic Con

I didn’t know what to say to Adam while he was signing my hat so I asked him if he had any advice for first time parents (I knew he had kids).  He grabbed my arm (swoon!) and looked me intently in the eyes and said to “sleep when the baby sleeps” and then he looked equally intently at Steve and told him “and you, do whatever she says.”  Yes sir!

Adam Baldwin's signature

It says “To Krista with love, Adam Baldwin”

We ran into our photographer friend Mike at Comic Con (he’s a fellow sci-fi enthusiast) and I giddily showed him my signed hat.  When Mike came and did our first photo session with Wesley, he made sure to get a cute photo of Wesley wearing the hat:

Wesley in the Jane hat

Look at that cute little naked butt!  We probably could have fit Wesley’s whole body in the hat!

And there you have it, a house full of nerds.  Watch, little Wesley Crusher’s going to hate all things sci-fi just to throw us through a loop 🙂


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