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A Year in the Life

Wesley on our bed

Photo by Photos For Life

Before we even got pregnant we knew that we would hire Mike to take photos of our little one.  Wesley is a well-photographed baby already but we really wanted to make sure we got photos with all three of us together as well.  Yesterday we had our second session with Mike in a series he calls “A Year in the Life”.  It was such a gorgeous day – 18 celcius! (we’ve already had a sprinkle of snow so that’s pretty gosh-darn amazing!) and there was still some gorgeous foliage left on a few trees in the Arboretum.  Wesley was a little champ considering he’s fighting off the same bug I’ve been fighting for the past couple days, and he missed his nap.

Mike just posted some of the shots this week from our first session, when Wesley was just three weeks old!  You can check them out on his blog.  I cannot wait to see the shots from yesterday!


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