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Marcel the Shell

This little guy makes me laugh so much!

Marcel: Guess why I smile a lot.

Guy: Why?

Marcel: ‘Cuz it’s worth it.


🙂  love it.



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Winning a jar full of cat toys

There are exactly 27 cat toys in this jar:

The prize

Steve won this jar full of cat toys from the pet food store in our neighbourhood by being the only one to guess the exact number of toys.  Neither of us can remember winning anything in a long time so we were more than a little excited to learn we’d won a jar full of cat toys.  Is that sad?  Nevermind, we won free stuff!  Eeeee!

But even more excited were the cats.

Kimba and the toy jar

We’d barely opened the jar before Kimba had his face inside, picking the toy he wanted to play with.  Said toy was destroyed five minutes later – a little furry mouse diminished to tufts of fur and pieces of plastic spread across the floor.  Kimba was sprawled out beside it looking very satisfied.

Since then we’ve hoarded the toys and bring a new one out every couple days.  Our cats (namely Kimba and Hobbes) tend to get bored with toys if they’re left lying around to be played with whenever they choose.  So we cycle their toys to keep them interested.  This new jar of toys should last us awhile!  The most entertaining so far have been the little squares filled with catnip.  It must be pretty potent stuff because the cats go nuts.  They clutch and roll over those little squares like they want to become one with the intoxicating bundles.  Up until recently, we’d avoided any toys with catnip since Kimba was still a kitten.  But he turned one year’s old at the end of December so the powerful kitty stimulant is now fair game.


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Christmas ball with snow

 Christmas balls with snow

Christmas balls with snow

It’s been snowing up a storm here since Christmas Day.  I was tickled that first snowfall to look out our front window at the tree in our yard to see that the Christmas balls we’d put up all had snowy caps atop their little round heads.

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Get it?  Dande*lion*!

We were away this week so I’m sorry I was quiet on here.  Just thought I’d pop in and leave you a little bit of whimsy before the weekend.

Have a fabulous long weekend!

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…. silly city planning

Slide/stair comboSource


I’d so take the slide every time.  Wouldn’t you?  🙂


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Yesterday while driving home after looking at houses, we passed a car with a vanity license plate that said “YEEEEESSS!”  A man and woman around 60 years old were driving it.  You just know those two enjoy life to the fullest.

We also saw an S.U.V. with a bumper sticker that simply read “boobies.”  It’s a sign of my immaturity that I was equally tickled by this as I was by the inspiring license plate.

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The wayfaring passport

Remember my M.I.A. passport?  It found its way back to me!  I have no idea where it has been in its 3+ month journey since it left its cozy home in my bedside table.  I only know where it ended up – the public library.  But not the public library across the street from where we live.  Nope, one of the other many libraries in Ottawa.  How did it get there I wonder?  Who did it meet along the way?  Near the end of its journey some nice stranger must have picked it up off the ground somewhere and turned it in to the nearest official looking place, and then some nice other stranger thought it wise that such a handsome looking passport should be kept snug and secure in the safe (no cardboard box lost and founds for this lost booklet!).  I wish its pages were filled with stamps from all the places it went before finding its way back to me.  I may have gone to Africa with another passport, but this one still had an adventure all on its own!  And with it, an old boarding pass folded safely inside.

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